I am super passionate about the world of photography. I mainly do it for fun- putting myself in the “hobby enthusiast” category of photography. I am no professional but I try to use it to preserve the sweet elements of life. Sometimes time stops in an exact moment and that image is burned into a memory. A photo sometimes allows me to share special times with friends and family evoking feelings otherwise lost through translation.

Photography is one of the hobbies that people can pick up and learn fairly easily. The fact is, with a little knowledge and some practice, wonderful pictures are a click away. There is nothing more enjoyable than capturing pictures of wonderful moments and images and sharing them with others.


Digital Art

My digital PAINTOGRAPHY (A combination of Digital Photography and Digital Painting) pieces are created by adding textures and color enhancement brought them to a level above the ordinary photograph. Sure, they are not “Real Paintings”, but they ARE something more than normal photographs. They are what I would paint, IF I could paint.

Yes, I use software for this but it is not an automatic process. It usually requires quite a bit of adjusting and multiple stages with different effects to produce works that I am happy with. In the end, I spend a lot of time, and give up on more ideas than I complete. Some artwork is printed on canvas. This type of Digital Pop Art is all hobbies right now.

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