Make Your Business One Step Forward


“How can I make sure Siri
picks my business as the answer?”

 We know how!



A great majority of searches online target local businesses. Every company worth its salt knows best that the best means to tap into this market segment would be to optimize the company’s website for local searches. Our Marketing services offer effective solutions in this regard.

Generally, more and more people are embracing online shopping than ever before. Even for local businesses, the ease with which one can find products, pay for them and wait for shipment is just amazing. Second, the fact that one can shop at any time and pay for these purchases using many, convenient ways is also motivation for online sales.


For a small business, the aspect of local search marketing is crucial because it easily widens the customer base. A business can continue to make profits offline and venture into internet marketing to widen its profit net. Our Local Search Marketing Services are made with the aim of giving your company an imposing position in its competition for a local customer base.

Listing your company strategically in the location where a person interested in making a local purchase is likely to look is an approach we are experienced in. There are many strategic locations where you can give interested people information about your company and products. For starters, at Tribal Graphic Design, we focus on the listing your company in local business directories so that the right audience being targeted gets access to it.

Regular listing of your company on local directories and other sites is not sufficient for your company to capture much of the local market being targeted. The listing has to be done in a way that entices a prospective customer to want to find out more about a company. We also ensure that the information included in these platforms is up to date and consistent.

We setup comprehensive maps that give reliable directions to your business premises. In these listing directories and sites, there are many rival companies being featured and ultimately, the uniqueness of yours is what will be its selling point. We have appropriate design techniques which we use in creation of logos and themes that people will easily identify your entity by.

If you are thinking of venturing into new markets through the internet, you have to be sure that you have fully tapped your local market. Tribal’s Marketing services will efficiently see you through this.